Autumn’s here… time to treat your skin!

autumnDark spots, dehydration, dryness… summer has taken its toll on your skin again. The change of season is a perfect time for treatments designed to restore all its natural beauty. We won’t be seeing the sun again for many months, making autumn the right time to make a change and start a new skincare regime.
mesoestetic has devised an excellent plan to care for the skin on your face, décolletage and hands, three sensitive areas which are constantly exposed to harmful external elements and which deserve special care. Take note of the steps to follow:

1. Stimulate skin renewal

2. Unify skin tone

3. Fade marks caused by the sun

4. Increase moisture levels

Start by stimulating skin renewal and evening your skin tone. To do this, mesoestetic recommends brightening peel booster, a new regenerating, clarifying gel that sweeps away dead cells and reactivates renewal while reducing uneven pigmentation and correcting irregular skin tone. Formulated with 10% glycolic acid and 2% phytic acid, it significantly improves moisture levels and leaves skin glowing.

Gradually fading dark spots caused by exposure to the sun, ultimate w+ whitening cream lightens your complexion for a more even skin tone. It also helps to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines. Your skin will look more even, lighter and glowing! If you only have the odd little dark mark, the best solution for you is ultimate W+ whitening spot eraser, which shrinks and fades these blemishes precisely.

Lastly, mesoestetic has an excellent product to boost the effect of your daily moisturising cream: proteoglycan ampoules. We recommend a five-week shock treatment, applying the product every three days. It nourishes the skin, visibly boosting moisture, elasticity and firmness.

This routine, when combined with a balanced diet and regular exercise, always gives excellent results.

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